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KIDS/ GROMS/ GROMMETS/ PARENTS – This one’s for you! Surf Lessons for kids in Newquay at the Newquay Grom Club, after school every Wednesday, £5 per Grom!

Just in case you didn’t know we’ll clear it up now; a “Grom” is a surfer’s term for young surfer and we are holding after school training sessions for Groms every Wednesday for new, improver and elite 7-16 year old surfers. We aim to run the Grom Club at 5pm every Wednesday but this may change due to the tides and we will move the club to Sunday morning, we may even do both! Just keen an eye on the facebook page to check times.

All sessions are heavily discounted and we will be running a number of other fun activities in the months ahead, not to mention some more specific grom exchange trips overseas.

For more information on our kids surf club e-mail Max on [email protected] or call 01637 222 565.


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