Whatever your surfing ability we’ve got some of the best kit around available for hire. 

Ambien Where To Buy Canada You can pre-book your hire in advance by clicking “Book Now” or simply turn up and grab some kit on any day you like. Check out the range below! The Zepplin, the ultimate wave catching board. Perfect for your first time surfing, with plenty of bouyancy and stability this model will give you the best chance to stand up and stay standing whilst learning the basics.
Sizes available: 9’0, 8’0, 7’6 & 7’0

The Roller, a step down from the Zepplin but with many of the same attributes. With less width these boards become more manoeuvrable, perfect for learning to turn and control your craft.
Sizes available: 8’4, 8’0, 7’6, 7’0, 6’6 & 6’0 The Slayer & Middie, part of our intermediate range and part of Softechs epoxy evolution! An epoxy fibreglass surfboard wrapped in a forgiving foam layer. This range bridges the gap between foam beginner boards and our premium hard boards if you’re still unsure if you’re ready to make the big jump! Sizes available: 7’6, 7’4, 7’0, 6’6 & 6’4 SSUK High Performance Minimal (HPM), made in Cornwall by our good friends at SurfboardsUK. A great all round minimal for those wanting to hop on a hard board for the first time, or any experienced surfer looking to catch waves a little bit earlier than on a shorter board.
Sizes available: 7’10, 7’8, 7’6, 7’4 & 7’0

The Preload. Also from SSUK, this model is a super versatile mid-length board that fits nicely between the minimal and a performance short board. With plenty of volume under the chest and an increased nose rocker this board is an instructor favourite for all conditions. Great for learning to take off later and begin to really dial in those turns.

Sizes available: 7’0, 6’6 & 6’2 Check out all the boards SSUK offer HERE Beginner Foam Surfboard   

2 Hours – £10      Full Day – £15

Buy Ambien Zolpidem Uk Intermediate Foam Surfboard 2 Hours – £15   Full Day – £20

Premium Hard Surfboard 2 Hours – £25   Full Day – £40 Wetsuit 2 Hours – £10    Full Day – £15 Bodyboard 2 Hours – £10    Full Day – £15

Multiple day hire is also available. A valid driving license or bank card is required as a deposit when hiring equipment.