Ticket to Ride Surf School Staff


Our surf schools offer surf lessons in Perranporth for all abilities; from complete beginners to those looking for more advanced surf coaching.

Catching a wave and riding it back in towards the shore for the first time is a special moment, and one that will be savoured for a lifetime. Come and learn the art of riding a wave with our surf instructors on Perranporth beach.

Surfing’s simplicity synchronised with the ocean’s natural energy creates an unforgettable feeling of captivation, achievement and total exhilaration.

Welcome to our sport, our passion, our lifestyle, welcome to the Ticket to Ride Surf Schools.

Meet the guys and gals:


Name: King Julian

Job Role: Manager 

Favourite Board: Stuart Tipster 9″6

Favourite Break: No place like home – Perranporth! 

IAmBand: Brown on a good day. Blue any other time.

Fun fact: I’ve run 3 marathons 


Name: Charlie (boon/golden/salad)

Job Role: Head coach

Favourite Board: Twin fin fish

Favourite Break: Secret spot, can’t say

IAmBand: Brown

Fun Fact: I’ve built a house but I live in a van


Name: Kaan

Job Role: Surf Coach, Yoga Teacher, general good egg

Favourite Board: 4th Reload 6’0

Favourite Break: Amado, Portugal

IAmBand: Brown 

Fun Fact: Can’t duck dive 


Name: Monica

Job Role: Surf Coach, friendly face behind the desk 

Favourite Board: 5’6 Twin Fin Fish 

Favourite Break: Somewhere in Mozambique 

IAmBand: Brown

Fun Fact: I can jump through my arms with my hands held


Name: Luke

Job Role: Surf Coach

Favourite Board: Anything from surfboards uk ltd! 

Favourite Break: Lyndaka

IAmBand: Red

Fun Fact: Will definitely have surfed more than you today


Name: Marcus

Job Role: Surf Coach

Favourite Board: Pyzel Sure Thing

Favourite Break: Anywhere with waves

IAmBand: Blue

Fun Fact: Once caught bootlegging in Norway


Name: Ru 

Job Role: Surf Instructor, Photographer

Favourite Board: Rebel 6’3”

Favourite Break: Phantoms, South Africa

IAmBand: Blue

Fun Fact: I may or may not have opposable thumbs…