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Looking to improve your surfing but not sure how?
Want to meet and surf with others just like you?

The Ticket to Ride Surf Club is for surfers who love to get in the sea and want to improve their skills.

Whether you’re looking for in-depth coaching and video analysis or just want to share some waves with a bunch of like minded individuals, we’re here to cater to all your surfing needs.

Running every Tuesday and Saturday, conditions permitting.

You can join the surf session for free, but we ask that you be comfortable getting yourself out back in head high surf.

We offer in-water coaching and video feedback at an additional cost of £20

We’ll have instructors in the water helping pick the best position to sit and provide water safety, with 5-1 surfer to instructor ratios.

If you require a wetsuit or surfboard we have a wide range to choose from and you’ll be able to hire these at a discount of 50%.

Our range of SurfboardsUK premium surfboards are perfect for those wanting to try out a hardboard for the first time, we can help you chose what’s right for your surfing.

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