Meet the Team at Ticket to Ride Surf School

The summer season is here and our Ticket to Ride staff are ready! If you’ve never surfed before, want some extra tips or are ready to take your surfing to the next level then we’ve got you covered.

Meet the guys and gals:

Name: Charlie (boon/golden/salad)

Job Role: Manager

Favourite Board: Twin fin fish

Favourite Break: Secret spot, can’t say

Name: Ru

Job Role: Assistant manager, Photographer

Favourite Board: Rebel 6’3”

Favourite Break: Phantoms, South Africa

Name: Lucy

Job Role: Bookings Manager, Surf Coach

Favourite Board: Rusty Jester 5’5

Favourite Break: Animals

Name: Luke

Job Role: Head Coach

Favourite Board: Anything from surfboards uk ltd!

Favourite Break: Lyndaka

Name: Marcus

Job Role: Surf Coach

Favourite Board: Pyzel Sure Thing

Favourite Break: Anywhere with waves

Name: Kaan

Job Role: Surf Coach, Yoga Teacher, general good egg

Favourite Board: 4th Reload 6’0

Favourite Break: Amado, Portugal