5 Surfing Etiquette Tips to Keep the Lineup Friendly

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Surfing is not only a sport loved by many but also a lifestyle that involves respect for the ocean, fellow surfers, and the environment. As you’re beginning your surfing journey, (maybe after a surf lesson or two with us at Ticket To Ride in Watergate Bay, or on any of our trips in South Africa, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, or Mozambique), it’s essential to follow proper surfing etiquette to keep the lineup friendly and safe for everyone. In this blog post, we’ll discuss five surfing etiquette tips that every surfer should know.

  1. Right of Way:

In surfing, the surfer who is closest to the peak has the right of way. Respect the pecking order and don’t drop in on other surfers. Dropping in means catching a wave that another surfer is already riding, and it’s one of the biggest sins in surfing. If you’re not sure about the pecking order, ask other surfers for guidance. We’re all more than happy to help out new surfers with questions.

2. Communicate:

Communication is key in surfing. Use hand signals or shout to communicate with other surfers in the water. If you’re paddling for a wave, let other surfers know by shouting “my wave” (in a nice way). If you’re not sure if you have the right of way, ask the other surfer. Clear communication helps to avoid collisions and misunderstandings. Most surfers will be nice enough to help you out if you’re confused with priority.

3. Don’t hog the waves:

Don’t be a wave hog. Share the waves with other surfers in the lineup. Don’t catch every wave that comes your way, especially if there are other surfers waiting for their turn. Respect others and give them a chance to catch waves too.

4. Don’t litter:

Keep the lineup and the beach clean. Don’t litter or leave your rubbish on the beach. Use a bin or take your rubbish with you. Respect the environment and keep it clean for future generations.

5. Have fun:

Finally, remember to have fun. Surfing is a fun and enjoyable activity, and it’s essential to keep it that way. Respect others, follow proper surfing etiquette, and enjoy the waves!

Surfing etiquette is an essential part of the surfing culture. By following these five tips, you’ll be able to keep the lineup friendly and safe for everyone. Remember to respect the pecking order, communicate with other surfers, share the waves, don’t litter, and have fun. These simple rules will ensure that you and other surfers have a great time in the water.

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