Armed Forces Discounts

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Armed forces discounts

Here at Errant we are pretty thankful for all the forces around the world, working hard in some of the most hostile locations planet earth has. After spending a dusty few months on service, we reckon surfing is the perfect relax and unwind treatment for anyone serving in one of the UK and allied forces. So as a big thanks from us to you we would like to offer all service men and women a chance to get you out of the bunker and into the barrel, for less.

Ok, so if you are currently serving in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army or the Royal Air Force and those of all Allied, Commonwealth and NATO countries then we would like to offer you:

5% discount on all Errant surfing holidays
10% discount on all Surfing Lessons at Errant HQ in Newquay
10% of our lifeguard courses in the UK
No debit or credit card charges

So don’t forget, we offer:

Discounts on surfing holidays for forces
Discounts on surfing holidays for Royal Navy
Discounts on surfing holidays for Marines
Discounts on surfing holidays for Royal air force

Use the code MILT10 when booking holidays or surfing lessons. You may be requested to provide your ID card upon arrival or prior to departure.

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