Best Job in The World? Meet Jeffa

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Meet Jeffa in part four of our Best Job in The World series of interviews. Jeffa is the Ticket to Ride poster child, a straight A* student who has decided to delay University to take a couple of years enjoying the Ticket to Ride way of life, traveling South Africa, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Costa Rica all funded by hard graft in the Newquay Surf School through the Summers. The epitome of work hard play hard.


1.     Name and job:  Jeffa Surf & SUP Instructor

2.     Sum yourself up in three words: bouncy, bananas, midget

3.     Sum your job up in three words: best job ever

4.     How long have you surfed? Only about 1 1/2 years, but I bloody love it

5.     What do you love about surfing? It’s a great hangover cure

6.     What made you decide to become a surf coach? Max told me to ditch uni and live the dream so I did

7.     How did you get into it? I went to South Africa with TTRide in January and had a hoot

8.     What do you love about your job? The people are awesome and I get really blonde, also the surfing part of it, that’s pretty decent haha.

9.     Are there any negatives? Sometimes your toes get chilly and sharks can be a bit of a pain potentially (in South Africa)

10. What is the hardest thing you’ve had to deal with yet? Answering these questions as I’m soooo indecisive

11. What are the most common mistakes the average surfer makes? Getting annoyed about a bad surf; chill out, surfing is about smiling man

12. Do you have any basic tips for the average surfer? Learn to enjoy eating shit when you wipe out, it’ll make you fearless. Also be friendly to everyone in the water, sharing is caring

13. What are the three best things about Newquay? We’ve got a good crowd here, the waves are sweet and there’s a bar on the beach

14. Describe the Jeffa experience, what can a newbie surfer expect from a 2 hour lesson with you? I will put my all into giving you guys an awesome time and set you on your way to becoming a surf guru, Namaste .

15. Newquay or Perranporth? I can’t decide they’re both ace


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