Best Job in The World? Meet Steve

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Part three of our Best Job in the World series brings you another Welshy, Steve Cole. An interesting character to say the least. Here’s Steve’s deal:


1. *Name and job* Steve Cole, Surf & SUP Instructor

2. *Sum yourself up in three words* Welsh Living Legend

3. *Sum your job up in three words* Fun, rewarding, sociable

4. *How long have you surfed?* About 8 years I think, some of which I admit was spent on a bodyboard, not anymore though!

5. *What do you love about surfing* The beer tastes better after a surf!

6. *What made you decide to become a surf coach?* I used to hang around the surf school all the time cos of the good vibes and thought why not work here! Best decision I’ve ever made.

7. *How did you get into it? * Asked Taffy how to do it!

8. *What do you love about your job?* It doesn’t actually feel like work.

9. *Are there any negatives?* Flat days and wet wetsuits.

10. *What is the hardest thing you’ve had to deal with yet?* Getting up at 8am ha ha, I’m not a morning person.

11. *What are the most common mistakes the average surfer makes?* Getting frustrated. Just chill.

12. *Do you have any basic tips for the average surfer?* Get in there as much as possible and enjoy yourself.

13. *What are the three best things about Newquay / Perranporth* There are waves almost everyday, pasties and pints.

14. *Describe the Steve Cole experience, what can a newbie surfer expect from a 2 hour lesson with you?* A newbie surfer should be weary before they have a lesson with me as they are more than likely to get hooked into surfing, quit their jobs and grow their hair.

15. *Newquay or Perranporth?* Perranporth everyday!


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