Looking for the best surf school in Newquay?

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Looking for the best surf school in Newquay?

Of course you are! Surfing is a fun, active and challenging sport. Having the very best surf coaches and equipment will help you through your early days as a budding surfer. So when it comes to looking for the best surf school in Newquay, what tell-tale signs should you look out for?

Location, location and location

Pick a surf school that has direct access to a beach. Sounds odd I know, but many surf schools operate from a mobile truck. Picking a surf school with facilities will make the day way more enjoyable come rain or shine.

Newquay Surf School Reviews

Just like you’d find a plumber or roofer, surf schools in Newquay are reviewed by past clients every week. The top sources for reviews are Google Plus; like this review:

And Trip Advisor

Good Equipment

Review the surf schools website, do they have new wetsuits? A full range of surfboards? Boots and Gloves for the cooler months? If you’re going for intermediate surf coaching then ask about the facilities. At Errant Surf in Newquay our coaching centre has A comfortable lecture room with the latest range of coaching DVD’s and wide screen iMacs to view your surfing on. Heated changing rooms and board storage make this one of the best located surf training centres.

Qualified and Insured

Please ensure that when booking a visit at a Newquay surf school that they are all qualified beach lifeguards, surf coaches and that the school is covered by the correct insurance.

Best Surf Group Size

Make sure you ask about the number in the group and demographics of the group you’ll be surfing with. If in doubt book a small group private surf lesson. You’ll find many surf schools drop the rates of a private lesson down to the same cost of a half day lesson if the private group hits 6 people or more. Which is perfect for families and extended families.

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