Exploring Droskyn and beyond by surfboard

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During our recent flat spell the team took a few surfboards and had a paddle around the beautiful Droskyn point to see what they could find.

Large caves inaccessible from the land

Making the most of the sunshine and small swell the crew discovered hidden caves and rugged cliff-faces. Only accessible by water, the coast between Perranporth and St Agnes is a truly stunning place to explore. Many caves in the area are rumoured to have been used for smuggling goods into the county by pirates, they’re mostly empty apart from the odd seal these days.

Atop the cliffs you’ll find remnants of old tin mines scattered between the brambles. You can also enjoy the south west coastal path which stretches along the coastline through Cornwall and Devon.

Ru & Kaan trying to even out their wetsuit tans

If you are going to explore the coast from the water please ensure you tell someone where you are going and take a phone in a waterproof bag in case of emergencies. We recommend going with someone who knows the area.

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