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Firstly we are un-biased, as we not only run a surf school in Newquay, but do amazing surfing holidays all over the world! However, Newquay is an amazing place to holiday and here’s why we think why:

1. More holiday time!

I love traveling but if you’re just after a short break, spending a day or two just getting to your destination and back again isn’t worth it. Newquay has good rail links, cheap coach deals and of course there’s the M5/ A30 to cruise all the way here on (just leave really late/ early!)

2. Cornwall is amazing

There is so much to do and see as well as learning to surf! So why not make this the year that you actually do it? We can’t believe how many people have been to Thailand but haven’t been to St Michael’s Mount or other beautiful places in Cornwall. We go so far away to see lakes, mountains and beaches, when we have it all here. Dramatic coastline, golden sand, bright blue sea, picturesque harbours and towns, the range of scenery from the Moors, the rivers on the South coast, the National Trust properties, THE FOOD, the ales – we have it all! We even love it when it is wet, stormy and cold – when the sea is crashing hard against the cliffs (like today as I write this blog post). Get a map out and explore!

3. Accommodation choices

Being a seasonal place there are loads of options. In England we like to experiment with our accommodation from Teepees to tents, camping Pods to Canal boats, static holiday homes to (converted!) stables! Check out a few here.

4. The weather

Yes, our weather can be hideous. There’s no question that sunshine makes Cornwall even more beautiful and perfect. So use the best time we’ve got. Now! – April – October to explore our truly wonderful countryside and leave the stress of traveling abroad until winter!

5. Money

£££ You know what your spending, you know what’s a good deal and despite petrol prices, getting a few of you in a car is a damn site cheaper than getting a few of you on a plane!

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