How Young Can You Start Surfing?

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Here at Errant Surf Holidays we get asked a lot how young can you start learning to surf, especially on family surfing holidays. Well ten years ago, before surf schools the typical start up age was about 16 – 22 years old. As surfers grew older and had children themselves surfing has started to be passed down to the kids. This is becoming quite the norm, since the explosion of surfing in the 60’s and its spread across the world, we are now seeing three generations of surfers in one family in the US, Europe, Australia and NZ.

Surfing Holidays for families

As such the age of any budding surfer, can be as young at three. As long as the surfing is private, preferablY with a parent who understands the basics of surfing, and is not going to push them to hard. At our surf schools we typically teach as young as seven or eight, again it really depends on the childs confidence in the water. The surf coaching for young people is always done on a private basis, and it knee deep water. We find it is more about building confidence, over actual surfing technique.

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