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iSurf Coach: train, film and get tips

Do you need to improve your aerial skills? Do you surf for a long time and never got barreled? How do you duck dive in insane close-out wave conditions?

iSurf Coach is a new online and interactive surf coaching network developed by Errant Surf that provides independent and expert advice on your surf skills.

The business idea is quite simple. If you pay £99/year, you will be able to upload video of yourself surfing, while a dedicated team of some of Europe’s top surf coaches will review the video and provide constructive feedback and goal setting for your next surf.

There’s also the facility to log your surf sessions to keep track of what the conditions were like, how your board felt, tides, what moves you worked on, good points and not so good points. It is also a way of tracking progress.

You get free global, multi-trip, travel insurance covering you for surfing and your surf equipment plus legal cover, medical cover, delayed and missed flights.

The iSurf Coach gives you access to a private forum where all questions are answered to the best of their knowledge or by pulling in experts in that field. The new online portal for surf coaching is available here.

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