We are moving the Surf School to Watergate Bay

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After 12 seasons running surf lessons on Perranporth beach, we will be moving the Ticket to Ride surf school up the coast to Watergate Bay.

Having worked as surf instructors throughout the 2000’s we opened our first surf school in Cornwall on Perranporth beach back in 2009. Over 12 consecutive seasons and thanks to hard work of a loyal and dedicated team we have established Ticket to Ride as one of the best Surf Schools in Cornwall .

This status has been multiple Cornish Tourism awards and national media coverage, and over 1000 excellent customer reviews on trip advisor.

The opportunity to run a Ticket to Ride Surf School in Watergate bay is too good to miss.

Rather than spread thinly between two locations (as we have done in the past with a surf schools in Newquay and Perranporth), we have decided to put all our energy into one location for the 2022 season and in order make sure the Ticket to Ride Surf School in Watergate Bay is the best it can possibly be.

Like any move, we are sad to be leaving Perranporth but excited about what our new location will bring.

Thanks must go to our customers who have returned to our surf school locations in Newquay and Perranporth year after year. We look forward to showing you why our team of instructors rate Watergate Bay as the best beach to surf on in Cornwall.

Seeing the the same surfers returning for surf lessons time after time and remembering what they learnt last year as if it was yesterday never gets old. Talking to our instructors, it’s all about being a part of each and everyone of our customer’s surfing journeys that makes working at our surf schools so rewarding.

2019 and 2020 were difficult years for the Ticket to Ride’s international courses and tours. We are please to say that we have weathered the storm and are now back up and running in all our favourite surfing destinations around the world.

Meanwhile our surf schools in Cornwall have made the most of two record breaking seasons in Cornwall. During this time we have almost doubled the number of surf lessons and hire that we can expect to do during the course of a season. During the the last two summers, surf schools in Cornwall were the only part of the Ticket to Ride Group that we could ope. As a result we focused on only surf schools and have been able to redefine what we offer new and returning customers looking to learn to surf in Cornwall. In short we have totally modernised the way we operate. Moving to Watergate Bay is another big milestone in the Ticket to Ride journey.

Why Watergate Bay?

As we have developed our own style of surf school in Cornwall, there has always been a feeling amongst the team that we would like to move back up the coast towards where it all began for us as founders of Ticket to Ride. And that was teaching surfing at Harlyn Surf School. Plus some of oldest friends in the industry have their surf schools close by, namely Kingsurf and Wavehunters. All are surf schools that we hugely respect and admire. Over the years we have sent many of our TTR surf instructor course graduates to go and work as surf instructors at these schools. Some have gone on to become managers of these schools which has been great to see.

At the start of the year we were given the opportunity to take on the surf school attached to Wax Watergate. As a team we have worked with the Wax crew at the Drive-in cinema, so we knew this was an opportunity not to be missed.

We fulfilled a 10 year ambition to set up a Ticket to Ride Surf School in Watergate Bay and cant wait to get started.

Thank you Perranporth.

We have some amazing memories and lifelong friendships from our time Perranporth. Thank you to our phenomenal landlords Dan and Lisa at the Seiners Arms for everything you have brought to the surf school over the years, you have been amazing partners.

As we build back Ticket to Ride destinations across the globe, we know we need to focus on building for the future and focus on where we want the TTR brand to be for the loyal customer base we have. The move to Watergate bay comes at the right time for us and we cannot wait to build a longstanding base here. If ever the opportunity to return to Perranporth with a beach side surf school and accommodation on site becomes available we will be sure to make our return. However for this foreseeable future a return to North Cornwall is the focus for the Ticket to Ride Surf School team.

It is at this point we must say a hugely positive and thankful goodbye to the man behind so much of what has made Ticket to Ride tick in Perranporth. Julian Price has been nothing short of the ‘manager of all managers in Perranporth. As we move up to Watergate, Julian will be staying in Perranporth and setting up a surf school of his own. As soon as his website is live we will posting a full and detailed account of what makes ‘King Ju’, the best surf school manager of all time. We look forward to sending those of you that will be surfing in Perranporth this summer Julian’s way as soon as he is open. As a Ticket to Ride team we wish Julian all the very best for what we are sure will quickly become the go to surf school in Perranporth.

Opening a Surf School in Watergate Bay

This week we are busy fitting out new changing rooms, we are also partnering with Wavelength to offer a fully stocked surf and beach lifestyle shop as part of the new Watergate bay surf centre. New boards, new wetsuits, new vests, tents and flags for a dedicated surf hire in Watergate bay.

It is also exciting to announce that the Ticket to Ride surf school team is going to be headed up by Charlie Russel. Charlie has worked in the team for the last 5 years and has already moved to Newquay. Charlie will be well supported by Ruaridh Kidd and Lucy Theobold all of whom will be flying back from a winter season at the Ticket to Ride Surf House in Sri Lanka. There will be plenty of familiar faces for all those that make their way to Watergate Bay this season.

We open the doors to a brand new Surf school in Watergate bay on Friday the 15th April and look forward to welcoming everyone to the new set up.

Meantime keep an eye out for a few work in progress shots along with regular updates for what will have on offer from our new Watergate base.

One thought on “We are moving the Surf School to Watergate Bay

  1. Lynne Joice says:

    Thank you for the update …. we will miss Perranporth Beach !
    but most of all we will miss you guys not being there.
    We will defiantly pay you a visit when we are next in Cornwall.
    Good Luck

    Harrison Ashwell & Family ( Somerset)

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