Newquay Hen Surfing Lessons

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We’ve worked with hundreds of Hens over the past seven years and we pride ourselves on making your event enjoyable, hassle free and most of all: memorable.

Our team are Newquay born and bred and our local connections mean that we can help you to arrange as much or as little of your weekend as you want, so please give us a shout if you need accommodation, nightclub packages, pole dancing lessons, a meal at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant or even a proper local pub lunch. We will do all the organising for you at no extra cost!


• Our instructors have named their job as simply ‘the too much fun club’ as they love their jobs so much and we guarantee that you’ll have an awesome experience…
We have safety rules to adhere to of course but the lesson can be as formal or informal as you like.
• We offer an accommodation booking service, just let us know the type of accommodation that you’re after and we will use our local knowledge to hook up the best place at the right price.
• We have a bar!
• We can arrange loads of other activities – including mountain biking and cocktail mixing…
• We can arrange personalised clothing if you need team hen night t-shirts etc (ask when booking)
• We can arrange novelty transport within the area: Tuk Tuk Taxi or Limo (ask when booking)
• We can arrange a reduced admission for various nightclubs
• You can book with a 15% deposit and pay the rest on arrival so that the organiser doesn’t have to fork out for everything!

You can also pick your instructor for the session. Choose from these hunks

The Cost

Groups of 5-10 surfers – £30 per person with the Hen surfing for free!

Please contact us to start making arrangements. Call 01637 222565 / 07581397038 or e-mail us. We are open all year round.

One thought on “Newquay Hen Surfing Lessons

  1. Dionne Jones says:

    Hi ya,
    I am organising a Mum’s on strike tour for the weekend of August 11th. I am interested in a surf lesson for the 7 of us. for either the saturday moring or afternoon. we are all beginers. (who don’t get out much at all!)
    Could you please confirm times and costs.
    Cheers Dionne

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