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What’s that you spy? Yes it is not one but two racks full of genuinely good surfboards. SUPERbrand, DHD‘s, Firewire, Nigel Semmens, Cord, Luke Young, Matt Barrow, Simon Anderson, Laminations, Endevour, Chilli, even a few NSP‘s for the intermediate beginners.

Ranging from 5’3 to 8ft, we’ve got the lot for you to use as we are now home to the Lamiroy Surf Academy, where you get to use all of these boards as well as top of the range wetsuits from O’Neill for just £10 per month!

The Lamiroy Surf Academy (LSA) specializes in helping to take your surfing to the next level and as part of your introduction to the LSA we will assess you using the iAM Bands Ability measure. For your £10 per month Full Individual Membership you will also recieve:

  • Three vouchers for any surf lessons offered by Ticket to Ride Surf Schools and the Lamiroy Surf Academy, these are fully transferable to any family and friends.
  • Full use of all the equipment including boards, wetsuits and fins at the Lamiroy Surf Academy and Ticket to Ride Surf Schools.
  • £120 voucher to spend at Errant Surf Travel.
  • Full annual subscription to Wavelength Magazine, starting from the date you join the LSA.
  • 20% discount on all TTR and LSA lessons for the year.

Join now!

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