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Whatever your surfing ability we’ve got some of the best kit around available for hire.

Our extensive range of Softech beginner foam surfboards start at 6’0 and go all the way up to 9’0 with just about everything in-between. If you’re looking to push your surfing, we also have a range of Softech Brainchilds and Mick Fanning soft boards which are more suited to an intermediate surfer.

Want to try a hardboard out for the first time? We’ve teamed up with our friends at SurfboardsUK and have got a great range of premium mini-mals and mid-lengths designed to be forgiving but with a performance edge.

All of our wetsuits are top of the range Gul and Alder backzips, designed to keep you warm and in the water for as long as possible. We have sizes from Jnr 4 up to XXXL.

Beginner Foam Surfboard – 2 Hours – £10      Full Day – £15

Intermediate Foam Surfboard – 2 Hours – £15   Full Day – £20

Premium Hard Surfboard – 2 Hours – £20    Full Day – £30

Wetsuit – 2 Hours – £10    Full Day – £15

Bodyboard – 2 Hours – £8    Full Day – £10

Multiple day hire is also available.

A valid driving license or bank card is required as a deposit when hiring equipment.

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