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When surfing, you use a lot of awesome muscles that you rarely use otherwise. Here are some of my favorite surfercises, that can help you to prepare for your surf trip

The key to surfing is unfortunately paddling. Paddling can be a real pain before you get the hang of it, and to speed up your progress, working on your upper body muscles can help greatly. Your shoulders, back and biceps are heavily used, and you will probably discover lots of new muscles you didn’t even think you had.

A great exercise for the upper body, that I learned when I started surfing in Porto, is the hindu pushup. It’s a bit tricky, but when you get it right you will feel it in your back, arms and shoulders.


The tricky part is to get the right “snaky movement”, it takes some practice. Remember to keep your arms parallell to your body.

(yep, you will feel ridiculous when doing it)

Surfing and balance are tight buddies, so some balance training before your trip is super. You can use bosu or pilates balls, indo boards, rocks in the forest or whatever wobbly stuff you have available. Strength-balance exercises, like for example squats on a bosu ball, will train your balance, leg muscles and also the important core muscles.

My favorite is the one legged bosu squat, keep your knees pointing straight forward when squatting and feel the burn!

Lastly, running is great for surfing. It increases your endurance (which is king in surfing), strengthens your leg muscles and by keeping a good posture when running, it also tightens up your core muscles.

For take offs (jumping up to your feet), intervals are great to practice explosivity and quickness.

Great interval program for treadmills (with speed suggestions, try and see what works for you!):

1500 m warm up (11 km/h)
1000 m 14,2 km/h
400 m walk (8 km /h)
900 m 14,6 km/h
400 m walk
800 m 15,1 km/h
400 m walk
700 m 15,6 km/h
400 m walk
600 m 16,1 km/h
400 m walk
500 m 16,6 km/h
300 m walk
400 m 16,7 km/h
300 m walk
300 m 16,9 km/h
300 m walk
200 m 17,1 km/h
300 m walk
100 m 17,3 km/h
1000 m slow pace

Happy workout!

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