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Looking to improve your surfing but not sure how?

Want to meet and surf with others just like you?

Introducing the Ticket to Ride Surf Club! Our new community club, aimed at intermediate surfers who want to improve their skills and meet other surfers just like them.

Ticket to Ride worldwide adventures has been helping surfers of all levels improve their surfing for 17 years now and over that time we’ve come up with a formula that works! That’s great if you’re on one of our trips to South Africa, Indo or spending time in our Sri Lanka Surf House, but if you’re surfing in England, your choices for intermediate/advanced coaching are limited. That’s why we’ve brought the knowledge and techniques used on our international trips back to our Watergate Bay surf school to implement in our Surf Club.

Head coach Nikita Robb in Sri Lanka breaking down some waves on video

Tools for success


If you’re at the stage in your surfing where you’re catching green waves or starting to do manoeuvres, it can be hard to know what you need to be doing to improve. We’ve found that in-water coaching and video analysis are two of the best tools to implement into a coaching session to really help a surfer figure out what they need to be doing next in their surfing.

In-water coaching means you can get feedback on waves instantly to know what you did right (or wrong!) and we can help you understand your position in the lineup better to help you catch more waves.

Video analysis is another useful tool we use to break down a wave in more detail, even slow motion, so you can see exactly what’s happening whilst you’re surfing. Watching yourself surf can be quite a humbling experience. Suddenly the giant wave you thought you caught doesn’t look quite as big on a computer screen, but it’s probably the most useful thing you can do for your surfing.


Wipeouts are especially funny on video…

Better with friends


For some people, just surfing with others is a big confidence booster! That’s why the surf club sessions are always free to join so even if you’re not looking for coaching or video feedback, you can still come along and surf with the gang knowing someones got your back if you’re feeling uncomfortable in the sea.


Get Involved


Running when the waves are best we aim to hold one session per week, potentially more if the surf is looking great!

You can join the surf session for free, but we ask that you be comfortable getting yourself out back in head high surf.

Register your interest HERE for updates on upcoming sessions and be sure to follow our social media too.

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