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Becoming a surf coach is probably one of the most rewarding jobs that you can do. I use the word “Jobs” but to be honest it’s more a lifestyle then a job. Sharing in people’s ambitions, goals and dreams is an amazing feeling.

George Hall and Josh Devaney had previously been on a once in a lifetime Ticket to Ride Surf Adventure in South Africa and Mozambique. Where they were coached by professional surfers all along the way, obviously their surfing improved massively. Part of the trip was obtaining your Beach Lifeguard and ISA surf coach award upon successful completion of this they then had to do a minimum of 20 hours at TTR Surf School in Perranporth.

It was here that they learnt how to conduct and run an ABC lesson. Slowly day by day given more and more responsibility and they started to link up parts of the lesson. By the end of their time training they conducted their own lesson under the watchful eye of Me Julian Price.

To see how far they come in just over a week is truly amazing. To know that they now have sound knowledge of high level coaching of which they can now continue to develop.  And with the season heating up you may just see these guys down at TTR surf school in Perranporth this summer.

Congrats Boys and thanks for all your help.

Julian, Taffy, Saul

George Hall giving it the thumbs up

George Hall giving it the thumbs up

Josh Devaney

Josh Devaney

This looks easy...... On the beach!!

This looks easy…… On the beach!!

Looking cool is part of the process.

Looking cool is part of the process.

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