What Does A Surf Coach Do In Winter?

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Best Job In The World

Being a surf coach is undoubtedly one of the best jobs in the world! However, the surf school season in the UK only runs from April – October and although there is plenty of great surf available outside of these months, we tend to see colder temperatures and shorter daylight hours so fewer people are tempted to learn to surf in the UK winter. Sadly this means less work for our hard working surf coaches.

Don’t feel too sorry for them though! One of the biggest perks of being a surf coach is the ability to travel to work. The International Surfing Association Level 1 award allows for a surf coach to teach anywhere in the world. Coaches also require a valid lifeguarding certificate, most of which are recognised worldwide also. A few countries require further qualifications if you want to teach there, France and the US amongst a few others.

Slow it down

Many surf coaches will travel the world working their way around a country surf camp to surf camp, enjoying the slower pace of life. Places like: Australia, Sri Lanka, Morocco and Central America are playgrounds for a surfer, with wave rich coastlines and a surf camp in every town.

Those that work for Ticket to Ride get the chance to join our worldwide team and head to one of the other locations around the globe.

You see, Ticket to Ride is far more than just a surf school! For years we’ve also operated surf adventures and courses around the planet, including in South Africa, Sri Lanka, Mozambique, Indonesia, The Philippines, Spain, Costa Rica and many more locations. Sadly, due to the worldwide pandemic, many of these locations have been shut down, but now the world is finding some normality we’re seeing borders open back up for travel.

Empty line-ups in Spain

Worldwide Surf Is Back!

For 2022 Ticket to Ride are back running trips in Sri Lanka, South Africa, Mozambique and Indonesia.

The Sri Lanka and South Africa surf season runs parallel to our winter so when it’s cold and miserable in the UK it’s sunny and surfy in the southern hemisphere.

The South Africa 13 week adventure and instructor course is Ticket to Rides flagship surf adventure. Spending 10 weeks traversing from Cape Town to Durban, surfing some of the country’s best waves and training to become a surf coach in the process. Topping off the trip with an optional 3 week stay in Mozambique to enjoy the incredible culture and right hand point breaks.

Many of the surf school staff gained their surf instructor qualifications whilst on this trip. Some have then gone on to coach at our surf school and return to South Africa to be a trip leader.

There’s much more to South Africa than just surfing!

In Sri Lanka we have the first Ticket to Ride Surf House. Located on the wave rich south coast, our week-long surf courses run from September – April and come as a full package of surf lessons, theory sessions, video analysis, accommodation and meals. With some of the best surf coaches in the world looking after you, there’s no better way to improve your surfing. We also run instructor courses, where you gain your coaching qualifications and then learn alongside our staff to get you ready to work in the industry, or to return to the UK and work in our Watergate Surf School.

Much of our coaching team have spent time in Sri Lanka and will be set to return this winter for another epic season. I think we can all agree surfing in boardshorts beats 5mm of rubber, boots gloves and hoods anyday!

The Sri Lanka Surf House, a stones throw from the waves

For The Love Of The Job

For some, surf coaching is just a part-time job they do for the love of it. Picking up the odd lesson over the weekend whilst working a regular 9-5. For those that have families, mortgages and dogs, their days of travelling the world might be over, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still share their passion of surfing with the next generation. When the summer season ends, they’ll return to their full-time jobs and brave the winter until the following year when it starts all over again.

So if you’re looking for a good excuse to travel the world and a great way to earn some cash whilst doing so, get in touch to find out how you can start your journey to become a surf instructor and joining the Ticket to Ride team on the next adventure!

Check out where and when our instructor courses run HERE

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