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Am I ready to Surf Bali?

So you’ve surfed around the UK a bit, maybe taken a surf trip to Hossegor or the Canaries, but now your thoughts are drifting to the tropical waters in the Southern Hemisphere, and more specifically, the surf Mecca that is Indo and a certain diamond shaped island for a winter escape. But with all those […]

How to spot a rip current

So you want to know how to spot a rip? Well rip currents are a fundamental and unavoidable force in surfing; if you have waves pushing water into the beach, then you’ll have a rip current sucking water back out to sea again. Spotting a rip Rips are essentially deeper channels in the sea bed […]

How to Duck Dive!

It’s a sight we all face sooner or later: you’re on your board, paddling out back and a massive wall of white water is bearing down on you and the only way past is to go under it. But do you know the common mistake people make when trying to duck dive? Here’s how to […]

Newquay Surf & Stay Package

We’ve hooked up with Newquay’s original surf lodge to offer a two night surf and stay package for under £100! Newquay Surf and Stay Package £99 inc: – 2 Surf Lessons in a small group including all equipment and insurance – 2 nights shared room accommodation – Unlimited Continental breakfast available until 11am and free […]

Newquay Surf Camp

We’ve hooked up with Newquay’s original surf lodge to offer a week’s surf and stay package for £249 for Autumn 2013 (6th Sept – end October) Newquay Surf and Stay Package £249 inc: – Week Surf Course including small group surf lessons, all equipment and insurance – 7 nights shared room accommodation* – Transfers from […]

Armed Forces Discounts

Armed forces discounts Here at Errant we are pretty thankful for all the forces around the world, working hard in some of the most hostile locations planet earth has. After spending a dusty few months on service, we reckon surfing is the perfect relax and unwind treatment for anyone serving in one of the UK […]

Newquay Girls Surfing Day

The second leg of Corinne Evans the Girls Surfing Day tour took place at Errant Surf HQ in Newquay yesterday and the conditions couldn’t of been better. Sunshine, fun 2ft clean sets rolling in with light winds. Corinne and the Girls 🙂 The day began with an Errant surf lessonand after the surf everyone enjoyed […]